Our Gilbert Guitars location at 331 Bayfield Street in Barrie will be temporaily closing as of January 30th.
We do plan on relocating the store in Barrie in the near future.
In the mean time, there are some great deals to be had!!
We would rather sell the inventory than move it.
Our store in Orillia will still be open to serve all of our loyal customers at
69 Mississaga Street East

David Lozeau Art Stratocasters
are now here!!
david lozeau art guitars
David Lozeau art stratocaster
david lozeau art strat
david lozeau dragon strat
david lozeau heart strat

Fender CD-60CE with hard case
ONLY $409.99
Fender CD-60CE Black Fender CD-60CE NaturalFender CD-60CE Sunburst

gilbert guitars budda pedals

The best selection of guitars north of Toronto!

Gilbert Guitars has two great locations to serve you better! Check out our store at 331 Bayfield Street, Barrie. Also check out our original store at 68 Mississaga Street East, Orillia.

We have an incredible selection of guitars including Fender,  Gretsch, Martin, Takamine, Seagull, Art & Lutherie, Simon& Patrick, Jackson,  Schecter, Yamaha, Squire and more!

We are also known as a "lefty-friendly" store with a wide selection of left-handed guitars/basses to choose from.

We carry a huge selection of guitar and bass amplifiers including Mesa Boogie, Fender,  Peavey, Line 6 and more!

Effects? We've got tons of single stomp boxes and multi-effect boards to choose from including Boss, Digitech, , Line 6, Dunlop, MXR, Korg, Vox, Ibanez, Marshall, Danelectro, DOD and more!

331 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario, L4M 3C2 (705) 733-3033

68 Mississaga St. E, Orillia, Ontaio, L3V 1V5 (705) 329-2913