Om Overdrive
The Om Mantra Overdrive is the perfect pedal to take your solos straight through the mix.. It has plenty of gain for modern music, but also focuses the EQ in such a way to make sure you get your solos heard!

Budda om overdrive pedal

Samsara Delay
The Samsara Delay provides 600ms of delay time. Vintage sound and easy controls help you dial in just the right amount of delay, whether you are looking for a bit of slapback or full on U2 inspired ambiance. With the tone control you can mimic the low-fi sound of an old analog delay or crisp up the highs for a more modern tone.
budda samsara delay pedal

Chakara Compressor
The Chakara Compressor was designed to mimic the optical compressors used in studios back in the 60's. Using the gain control to increase the glow of the optical circuit fattens up the sound. The higher the gain is set, the more it effects the comp and attack controls. The Chakara Compressor can create a subtle, warm, transparent effect as well as full onsqueeze. Essential compression controls like Gain, Level, and Attack are available at the tweek of a knob.  

buda chakara compressor pedal

Karma Chorus
The Karma Chorus is a very unique chorus pedal that also includes a vibrato effect. Engaging the Vibrato swithc and turning the vibrato mix knob allows the user to dial fromchorus to vibrato and any blend in between. The Karma Chorus is in a heavy duty die cast metal case and is ready for the pedalboard!

budda karma chorus

Zenman Overdrive

With a wide range of distortion tones from smooth overdrive to all out crunch and grind, the Zenman canfit into a wide range of music types. The Zenman also has a very useful Phat/Vintage switch that changes the EQ to further enhance the tonalshaping that can be achieved. The coup de gras is the Boost feature with it's own level control. The boost can be used with or without the overdrive, so the Zenman can pill double duty as an overdrive, an overdrive with a solo boost, or just a clean boost pedal! You'll be proud to have the Zenman on your pedalboard.

buda zenmanoverdrive pedal

The hidden artillery of the professional touring musician, the Budda Wah has long been regarded as one of the finest Wah-Wah pedals available.

budda budwah wah pedal

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